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Pool Chassis
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OCEA-N Pool: Please register here using the button above.

FlexiVan chassis are sourced from a common port location,
where chassis pool providers are responsible for maintenance and repair, and leasing fees are based on when chassis leave and return to common pool port locations.

FlexiVan’s EDI systems offer you the ability to discern such things as the asset supplier on record in the pool environment (ocean carrier, BCO or other involved parties).
FlexiDay Daily Rentals
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FlexiDay ® lets you rent our chassis by the day, and leaves maintenance and repairs to us so that you can concentrate
on getting your cargo to destination.

Book your short term chassis on ChassisNow, FlexiVan’s new online booking system. (Note: You must be registered with FlexiDay in order to make bookings with ChassisNow).
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